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Truly blessed to have our dog be guided by Ellen

I have had the privilege of knowing Ellen for almost 4 years through the training and loving care of our sheepadoodle, Mercy. Mercy’s calm behavior and responsiveness in multiple environments and life situations is a direct credit to Ellen’s abilities as a true professional dog trainer. Additionally, Ellen has excellent people skills as well.
My wife and I are truly blessed to have our dog be touched and guided by Ellen. I know that Ellen has many other dog families she has trained who would say the same.

—John Kinmonth

We love having Ellen work with our dogs, and they love Ellen!

Ellen has worked with our dogs, three spirited English Shepherds, since they were puppies. First, through our veterinarian, Longwood Veterinarians, in basic socialization and behavior training. When Ellen left Longwood Vets to embark on her own dog training adventures, we followed her with enthusiasm. While Ellen’s work with all of our dogs collectively is beneficial, there are specific improvements with all three that are a direct result of her training. First, our oldest male, Hershey, is a timid dog who was showing signs of stress-based aggression toward strangers. Ellen’s work with Hershey (and us), has produced a dog who takes his job as protector seriously, but is easily relaxed with proper introductions and instruction.

Our female, Reese, is the alpha of the three. She is controlling, needy, and easily excitable. Ellen’s work with her brought more peace to our family as she taught Reese calming strategies and helped us learn how to handle unwanted behaviors, like pawing, barking for attention, and food demands.
Finally, our youngest pup, Oakley, has learned how to be part of our pack, including socialization, controlled feedings, house training, obedience, and general positive behavior skills. We love having Ellen work with our dogs, and they love Ellen! When she comes to the door, the dogs respond with overwhelming love and trust for her. She is an asset to them, and to our family.

—Heather Layson Brown

Leash trained

Blazey came to me as a good candidate for a hearing service dog, however she was not leash trained and had a fear of loud noises and her shadow. Ellen worked her through those fears and guided her through all levels of puppy classes upon which she obtained her CGC certification. Following this she helped guide both me and Blazey through all the hearing dog requirements which she then went on and passed.

—Curtis Hill

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